PowerNode is a high-power storage system for operators of fast charging stations. It predicts load, monitors utility tariffs, and manages load with proprietary algorithms to create the optimal and most economical charging station experience. Available now for pre-order by joining the waitlist. For more information, download the full Specs Sheet and Site Design Guide below.


Inside the PowerNode-120

Power: 120 kW
Energy: 59 kWh
Voltage: 480 VAC
Communications: Modbus TCP/IP, OCPP 1.6
Ampacity: 165 A
Dimensions: L - 4.9’ x W - 5.6’ x H - 7.9’
Response Time: 100 ms
Nominal Lifetime: 10 years
Weather Protection: NEMA 3R

 How the technology works

The PowerNode product suite is designed to scale up to meet growing needs of fast charging stations. Learn more about the technology.

“Electric Era has developed software to simulate and predict the interplay of batteries, EV chargers and grid constraints to ensure it can keep overall loads under the threshold that would trigger hefty demand charges while getting cars charged up on schedule. The same software is designed to provide grid services.”

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