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Press Releases 8/29/22

Electric Era and SK Signet Successfully Demonstrate AI-Driven, High-Power Storage Electric Vehicle Battery

by AP News

Electric Era today announced that a series of high-profile customer charging demonstrations and a ribbon cutting event for their first functional PowerNode unit in the field were held last week at the Knoxville, Tennessee campus of EPRI.

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EPRI's Incubatenergy Labs® Names 2022 Cohort Demonstration Startups


Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) announces 15 early-stage startup companies to conduct 20 accelerated technology demonstrations and deployment projects advancing decarbonization, electrification, and grid modernization

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Media Coverage 4/11/22

Meet the Cottage Industry Trying to Make EV Charging Faster

by Steve Levine from The Electric

“Before people will switch to an electric vehicle, they want to know they’ll be able to recharge when they want, as fast as they want, just as they are accustomed to with gasoline cars.”

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Can the EV Help Save the Electric-Power Grid?

by Jennifer Hiller from The Wall Street Journal

“With ‘vehicle-to-grid’ concepts, companies and utilities are testing ways electric vehicles can act as batteries ready to be tapped”

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As Biden plans EV charger rollout, location questions take the fore

by Jason Plautz from SmartCitiesDive

“‘There’s a world where you throw the golden hammer at this and build out the best fast chargers in only the most perfect places. There’s also a world where you’re throwing a rusty steel hammer, and chargers are placed off the beaten path [thus they] never get any use,’ said Quincy Lee, CEO of the charging company Electric Era”.

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Media Coverage 1/24/22

How new rebates could spur widespread adoption of electric vehicles in Washington state

by Lisa Stiffler from GeekWire

“Electric Era, a Seattle company building battery systems for EV charging stations. Its founders have roots with SpaceX and the company has raised $3 million.”

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Media Coverage 1/20/22

A Coordinated Approach to Fleet Electrification

by Andrew Price & Garrett Fitzgerald from SEPA

“As Quincy Lee, the CEO and founder at Electric Era stated: ‘The costs and timelines of interconnection for fleet charging are complicated by the variability in local capacity by location and utility territory. A study by National Grid recently found that a plurality of feeders in Metropolitan cities would be overloaded by the electrification of medium- and heavy-duty fleets'”.

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Media Coverage 11/16/21

How the Build Back Better bill could boost clean energy for low-income homeowners

by Jason Plautz from UtilityDive

“Quincy Lee, CEO of the EV fast charging company Electric Era, applauded the infrastructure bill's ‘bias towards open access and public charging infrastructure,’ especially in rural and low-income neighborhoods.”

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Media Coverage 10/15/21

Why EV fast-charging stations are going big on batteries

by Jeff St. John from Canary Media

“Revel still plans to install batteries at its Brooklyn site, however, to help mitigate demand charges. In August it announced its partner for that project, Seattle-based Electric Era, which has spent the past two years developing a battery fine-tuned for the EV charging backup role.”

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EV charging companies partner on energy storage

by Energy Source & Distribution (ESD News)

“The coupling of the companies’ fast charge equipment and leading battery storage technology will encourage site owners to embrace the roll out of EV charging infrastructure, said Electric Era CEO Quincy Lee.”

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